who we are

A lot of who we are can be outlined in one very straightforward yet powerful term: consistency.

What started out as a small idea quickly turned into a growing company that provides many retailers across the country with advanced products for simple everyday use. From design to production to service, our objective is to help improve people’s lives consistently, wherever they may be.

Our products are designed to make everyday chores as simple as possible. Each appliance is made with a bigger purpose, with our customer’s needs always in mind. We make everything from freezers, to speakers, to cookware, to heaters, to fans, to air conditioners, to water dispensers, to hair care, and many more.

    • focus on innovation, and try as hard as we can to use our local expertise and incorporate modern concepts into our designs.
    • invest in experiences, and always look forward to receiving feedback in order to improve.
    • value our customers, and make sure we’re always one step ahead in figuring out what they need.
    • think forward, so YOU don’t have to.