- Dishwasher
- 14 Place Settings
- 6 Programs: Intensive / Eco / Light / 60 min / Rapid / Pre-rinse
- Digital Display
- A++ Energy Efficiency Class
- 1-24hr Delay Start
- Auto restart
- Silver
- Dimensions(WxDxH): 65.6x67.5x87.5cm
E1: the door is opened when the dishwasher is operating.
E2: water inlet malfunction.
E3: water drainage malfunction.
E4: temperature sensor malfunction.
E5: overflow occurs/water leakage occurs.
E6: water leakage occurs.
E7: abnormal heating.
  *After you check the items and remove the trouble, restart the washing machine. If there is still an abnormality, please unplug the power plug and call our customer service phone as soon as possible (05 80 11 44 - EXT: 104).


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